What Role Do Employees Play in Performance Reviews?

Performance review season is extremely stressful for both managers and employees. Nobody likes the process and if there was any way around it, we’d all take it. However, performance reviews are necessary, and if you approach them with the right attitude and preparation, they can be a strong tool you can use to achieve your goals. Here are some tips to help you get through your next performance review like a pro.

Know Your “Role”

If your current job responsibilities don’t quite match up to your formal job description, make note of the discrepancies. You will be reviewed based on that formalized description, and it will be important to get those responsibilities aligned as soon as possible.

Be Engaged in the Goal-Setting Process

Your manager will lay out goals for you, but you have some say in those goals. Be an active participant by writing out your own professional goals before the review. This helps your manager see what you want to work towards, and she can better align her goals for you with this information. Just be sure that those goals are realistic and align with the work you are responsible for.

Document Your Achievements

Don’t expect your boss to remember every single milestone you hit throughout the year. Document your accomplishments so you can build a case for a salary increase if a pay review is part of the process.

Accept Constructive Feedback Like a Professional

No employee is perfect, and you will receive feedback on areas where you need to improve. Don’t take it personally and don’t let it derail the conversation. Surprise your boss by asking him to elaborate on those areas. Furthermore, show an active interest in developing a plan for improvement. Ask to schedule future meetings to touch base on your progress. Showing an active interest in improving will set you apart from the rest of the team and will increase the chances that you will improve.

Share Your Own Feedback

Your boss is there to help you achieve your goals. When you hit your goals, he hits his after all. Offer your own feedback about what your boss does well, and don’t be afraid to ask for more support in the areas you may need it.

Show an Interest in Further Development

If you don’t have access to the tools you need or the necessary training to achieve the goals outlined in your review, ask your boss to connect you with those resources. This shows that you want the quality of your work to improve and you are serious about hitting your objectives.

Performance reviews aren’t anyone’s idea of a fun time, but they can be a valuable resource in your career growth. Be an active participant, and use this time to your advantage.

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