How to Reduce Workplace Stress Today

Stress is an issue that all offices deal with and all offices must confront. As stress levels rise, productivity and efficiency drop, office drama increases, and employee turnover becomes a threat. Luckily, there are relatively easy and low-cost steps that smart managers can take to reduce workplace stress. Use these tips today and you will see a positive impact long into the future.

  • Be Flexible – Letting your team come in a little later or go home a little earlier makes it easier to balance work and life and gives everyone an empowering feeling of freedom.
  • Offer Healthy Foods – At many offices the only options for snacks come from a vending machine and the only options for meals come from fast food outlets. Making healthy options available improves attitudes and shows your team you care about their well-being.
  • Start a Conversation – Do you know why your team is so stressed out? It could be for reasons that are not immediately obvious but still easy to fix. Open the lines of dialogue to explore the problem.
  • Meditate – Meditation is a relaxing activity that has also been show to enhance cognitive function. Give your team the space and time to meditate if they choose, but don’t make it a mandatory requirement for employees who may be skeptics.
  • Laugh – Have you run across a funny video online? Share it with the whole office to inject some laughter into the workday.
  • Go for a Walking Meeting – If you have a small group meeting scheduled, skip the conference room and go for a walk around a park or green space instead. The fresh air and mild exercise directly impact stress levels.
  • Add Aromas – A pleasant but not overpowering scent in the office can help to subtly brighten the mood.
  • Take Breaks – Everyone needs a break, even when deadlines are looming. Instead of asking your team to stay chained to their desk, encourage them to take a 5-10 minute break every two hours.
  • Bring in a Masseuse – Offering free massages once a month helps team members to relieve stress and tension and creates something to look forward to.
  • Grow Plants – Add some green to the office in the form of non flowering plants. This simple natural touch has been shown to lower blood pressure levels and helps give drab office environments a more relaxed and welcoming feel.

Take simple steps to relieve stress in the office and your efforts will pay dividends down the road. Learn more about workforce optimization by consulting with the experts at Selectek.