Engineering Job Options: ACAD Designer

When you were growing up, were you always taking things apart to see how they worked? Are you fascinated by the nuts, bolts, chips, and wires that allow sophisticated machines to perform incredible tasks? Do you have a mind for design and an amazing attention to detail? If so, you may be able to thrive in a career as an ACAD Designer. Learn more about this interesting field and decide if it’s the best engineering job option for you.

Job Description

As the job title would imply, ACAD Designers work with ACAD – Automated Computer Aided Design. This technology has been used throughout the fields of engineering, manufacturing, and construction for over 30 years and is now the most widely used industrial design program in the world. Professionals who work as ACAD Designers use various iterations of the software to design everything from plastic toys to high-powered computers. The detailed design documents they produce are used by everyone from engineers to fabricators to ensure quality and consistency.

Educational Requirements

This is one of the rare engineer careers that does not typically require a four-year degree. Many designers learn ACAD as part of an associate degree or certification program. In addition to formal training, successful professionals will also need to be adept at technical drawing, have strong math skills, and be good communicators. It’s common for ACAD designers to go on to learn 3D modeling and applied statistics and geometry.

Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the field of drafting – one that encompasses ACAD designers – will grow by 1 percent between 2012 and 2022. While that is not impressive growth, it also suggests that this is not a profession in decline. The estimated median pay in 2012 was $49,630, but designers working in more specialized industries or on high-profile projects can expect to earn more than that.

Current Vacancy

A company in Canton, GA is eager to hire an ACAD Designer to work on the drafting and design of fiber telecommunication projects. The chosen professional will also be responsible for quality assurance and production validation during the construction phase. The rate of pay is listed as negotiable. If you would like to learn more and apply, click here.

Do you have a future as an ACAD designer? Even with no present experience, you could break into this field in as little as a year. Once you’re ready to make the leap, work with the team at Selectek to turn your career goals into a reality.