Attracting Top Engineering Talent

Your goal for any recruitment process is to attract the very best available talent. But to do that, you’ll have to offer more than a competitive salary. In today’s competitive job market there is stiff competition for merely qualified talent, and top performers are highly coveted and aggressively pursued. If you want more of them to come to work for you, follow these strategies:

Reach Out to Your Employees

Your current employees have the best perspective on what it’s actually like to work for your company, and they can serve as your best advocates. If you have a position you’re trying to fill, reach out to your workforce, and solicit referrals. If any of the candidates stand out, use the link they already have to your company to help convince them it is a great place to work.

Improve Your Job Descriptions

Most job descriptions are dry, impersonal, and inaccurate. You can stand out from the pack, and grab the attention of top talent by simply improving the way you write about your vacancies. Make sure your description describes the day-to-day reality of the job and what makes it such an exciting opportunity. And be careful not to limit your description to just the job itself. Talk about your company, your culture, and your vision for the future, and you will attract the kind of engineers that are eager to be a part of it.

Make Your Workplace More Flexible

Today’s employees are looking for a better work-life balance, which means spending less time in the office. Luckily, it’s now easier than every to be productive from anywhere. Offer your top recruits the opportunity to work from home, to schedule their hours flexibly, and to have some control over when and where they spend their time.

Offer Unique Perks

Salary and benefits are important, but you may be able to convince more top talent to work for you by offering less common perks. Things like tuition reimbursement, travel opportunities, and ambitious assignments are all options. You can also consider smaller things like gym memberships, daycare stipends, or extra vacation time.

Plan Boldly

Engineers are driven by a spirit of innovation, and ultimately they are looking for careers that allow them to work on cutting-edge projects, and push the field forward. Over the long term, you can attract more top talent by positioning your company as one that acts boldly and charts a course for everyone else. Quite simply – exciting candidates are attracted to exciting companies.

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