Engineering Job Options: Civil Designer

Civil Designer is a suite of design modules each meant to serve the needs of the civil engineering field. These programs can handle large-scale drawings, aerial photographs, DTM models and other engineering documents, and offer separate modules for surveying, water, sewers, roads, turns, and stormwater. Professionals also known as civil designers use the software to develop the complex documents necessary to carry out precise engineering projects on a major scale. If you love engineering and have a flare for design, this in-demand position could prove to be your ideal career.

Job Description

Civil designers work with computer-aided design programs (CAD) to draft and then scale engineering drawings. They also work with other engineering professionals to help forecast the scale, cost, and time frame for engineering projects. Typically these designers work in a drafting studio, but occasional field work may also be necessary.

Educational Requirements

One of the appeals of becoming a civil designer is that it offers an entry into the field of engineering that does not require years of schooling or an advanced degree. Many positions are open to people who have an associate’s degree focused on CAD and some on-the-job experience.

Job Outlook

The number of available positions as a civil designer expands and contracts depending on the number of civil engineering projects being planned or in progress. As such, it can be volatile, but CAD skills are a major asset in today’s economy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment for drafters – a category that includes civil designers, is forecast to grow by just one percent by 2020 and add only 2,200 jobs. In 2012 the median salary was estimated to be $49,360 per year.

Current Vacancy

A company in Kennesaw, GA is looking for a civil designer who has specific expertise with Civil 3D. While that requirement is not mandatory, the company reports that it is highly preferred.  The chosen candidate will be responsible for creating and fine-tuning engineering drawings. Two years of experience with civil projects is required. If you are interested in learning more about this project and submitting an application, click here.

The demand for civil designers may not be growing rapidly, but the simple fact is that civil engineering is not going anywhere, and qualified drafters will always be necessary. It you are interested in finding more opportunities as a civil designer and connecting with top employers located in your area, contact the recruiters at Selectek.