Overcoming the Biggest Engineering Hiring Challenges

The success or failure of any engineering project is dependent almost entirely on the quality of the engineers working on it. The best talent out there can anticipate problems before they happen, and overcome them to deliver completed projects on time and under budget. That’s why effective staffing is such a paramount concern for any company involved in engineering. Learn what the biggest current hiring challenges are and what you can do to overcome them.

Retaining Top Talent

This is an issue that is not unique to engineering but unfortunately plagues companies throughout STEM fields. It is undeniable that there is major competition for top talent, and even simply qualified talent in many cases, and that this talent can easily be lured away if they are unsatisfied or find a better opportunity elsewhere.

The first step is to evaluate why you are losing this talent. Is your compensation competitive? What kind of impact does your company culture have? Have you been recruiting actual top talent, or just engineers with a dazzling resume? You can glean extra insights by conducting exit interviews, and once you find the problem the solution should be close behind.

Finding Qualified Talent

We already talked about the prevalence of poaching. But even companies that are great at retaining employees are struggling to fill their ranks. That makes it next to impossible to put a meaningful growth strategy into place, and can even make it difficult to hold ground already gained.

There are a number of solutions worth pursuing. Forming relationships with colleges and universities can create a pipeline of engineers right into your office. You can also try highlighting what is unique about your company culture, adding more flexibility to your employment expectations, and speeding up the pace of your recruitment process.

Staying Within Budget

Bringing on a new engineer represents a major new expense, one that may not be born out by the project you have been assigned. There are a couple of solutions. One is to institute strategic staffing so that you are recruiting at the best time for your company financially. The other is to remember that employees add value, not create costs. If you have made the right hire, it will positively affect your bottom line in the long run.

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, is to consider partnering with a specialized staffing firm. They can help you cut down down on the length of your recruitment cycle, keep you within budget, and connect you with the best available talent. Then they can show you proven methods for optimizing your recruitment and retention strategies. Learn more about how specialized staffing works by contacting Selectek.