Are You Tailoring Your Resume?

One of the most common mistakes made by job seekers is to rely on a stock resume. Regardless of the position or the company, the exact same resume gets sent out every time. This is always a mistake, and one that can single-handedly doom you to long-term unemployment. Before you apply for another position, learn why you need to spend some time carefully tailoring your resume.

Competition is Fierce

If you are actively looking for a job, you understand that dozens and even hundreds of people are applying for every vacancy. With that kind of competition for just one job, you can’t hope to distinguish yourself with a stock resume. Everyone else in the candidate pool is jockeying to stand out, and a passive approach simply won’t work.

Hiring Managers are Skeptical

Hiring managers across industries are struggling to find the qualified professionals they need. With such clear holes in their workforce, they can’t afford to give jobs to people simply because they seem bright or ambitious. If you want to catch their attention, your resume has to clearly state how you can add value to the company and excel in the role they need to fill.

Time is Short

Estimates vary about how much time gets spent reading your resume, but in all cases the time is short. You likely have less than a minute to stand out to whoever is reading your resume, and if it’s a stock resume, your best qualities are going to be overlooked. Tailoring your resume allows you to make a potent and relevant statement right from the start.

Tips for Tailoring Your Resume

The good news is that you can tailor your resume without having to start from scratch each time. Focus on these elements:

  • Title – Use an attention-grabbing title that immediately establishes you as a candidate that deserves more attention.
  • Objective – Be as specific as possible. Tell the hiring manager why you are right for this
  • Qualifications Summary – Carefully read the job description and research the company to help identify the kind of candidate they are likely seeking. Then tailor your qualifications accordingly.
  • Job Descriptions – Modify your descriptions of past positions to be as relevant as possible to the position you’re seeking.
  • Skills – Only mention the relevant skills and cut out all the rest.

Working your way though the recruitment process isn’t easy, and crafting a tailored resume is just one step in the process. Partner with a team that can simplify the process for you while enhancing your chances of getting the job you want. Contact Selectek today.