Engineering Job Options: Warranty Engineer

Warranty engineers are the essential but unsung heroes of every product development team. They use their extensive experience in engineering to help develop the warranties that manufacturers offer with new products. This might sound mundane, but if the warranty is not carefully developed it does a disservice to both the company and the customer. Find out what it takes to enter this unique field of engineering and decide it’s a career path you would like to pursue.

Job Description

Every product has a lifespan. It’s the job of warranty engineers to figure out what that lifespan is and then design a warranty that protects the customer if something breaks earlier than it should, but relieves the company of the financial burden of paying for aging, worn out products. In order to establish this elusive timeline, warranty engineers closely study new products and work with developers to forecast potential issues once the those products start shipping to customers. These professionals are also tasked with revising warranties for long-running products, requiring them to perform sophisticated demographic research.

Educational Requirements

First and foremost, warranty engineers are engineers. In order to secure a position in this field candidates will typically need to have a specialized engineering background relevant to the warranties they are trying to develop. For instance, an airplane manufacturer will rely on an aeronautical engineer to develop their warranties. On top of that, advanced business training is also helpful as warranty engineers must carefully align the warranty with the company’s means and objectives.

Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not publish forecasts of job growth in the field of warranty engineering. They do, however, forecast job growth in broader engineering fields, and by and large the outlook is positive. The field of aerospace engineering is expected to grow by seven percent by 2022 and already pays a median salary above $100,000. Biomedical engineering, a field that is booming generally and introducing a lot of new products to the market, is forecasted to see job growth of an astounding 27 percent by 2022. Professionals interested in warranty engineering can expect to find a number of opportunities in the future, and a lot of variety in their options.

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