Five Tips to Ensure a Successful Career in Engineering

So you’re considering a career in engineering? That’s great, because there are plenty of job opportunities available with an engineering background, and it appears that those opportunities will stay around for quite some time.

Certainly: it’s not likely that the world economy will regress when it comes to the application of scientific principles to enhance business productivity.

That said, there are still a few pieces of advice that you should follow to be certain that your future in engineering is bright.


1. Ensure that you are business oriented

For some engineers, it’s easy to focus exclusively on the “geek” aspect of the discipline and not recognize the fact that, in the business world, engineering is used to accomplish one thing: increase profitability. Engineering, as it applies to companies competing in the free market, is simply a means to an end. It’s not the end itself.

Make sure that you keep this in mind as you enter the workforce. Your expertise in engineering will be used as part of a larger goal:  ensuring that the bottom line objectives of a business are met.


2. Be prepared for issues that are not necessarily related to engineering

In business, you are going to face problems that might not be fixed with equations, programming, or technical applications. You will likely have to deal with interpersonal conflicts, when emotions will get in the way good judgment. You’ll experience political issues within your organization.

These are not issues that your physics professor prepared you to solve. But you’re going to face them.

Ensure that you’re up-to-speed on interpersonal relations as well as your engineering discipline.


3. Be a team player

You might find that you’ve been pretty successful at solving theoretical complex problems on your own. However, in business, solitary workers are rarely recognized and rewarded. Today, the emphasis is on teamwork.

When you formally enter the industry, be prepared to be part of a team. This means helping others on your team, encouraging teammates, and speaking positively about those on your team to your superiors. You’ll find that goes a long way.


4. Be willing to accept new ideas

You haven’t “arrived” when you have graduated college. Instead, you’ve just started learning.

With that in mind, be willing to listen to people who have a differing opinion. Be appreciative of alternative viewpoints. Be open to accepting another point of view.

People who are stuck in their own ways, or, worse yet, stuck in the old ways, are less likely to be successful.


5. Enjoy yourself

You’re into engineering, probably, because you sense that you have some natural aptitude in that expertise. As a result, you probably also enjoy the discipline.

Don’t let that appreciation die. Continue loving what you do for the rest of your life.

It’s been said, that if you’re not happy, you’re in the wrong place. Take those words to heart.


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