The Toughest Engineering Positions To Fill And How To Fill Them

The demand for engineers never seems to dissipate. The current job market is no exception. That’s really great news if you’re someone with an engineering background. However, if you’re a recruiter in search of engineering professionals, be advised that the high demand for engineers may make your search more difficult.


Types of engineers in high demand

First and foremost, there is a high demand for electrical engineers. These people, unsurprisingly, tend to work for high-tech companies. However, they’re certainly not out of place at utility companies as well.

Mechanical engineers are also quite popular. You’ll find them in construction as well as working for companies that produce capital equipment.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) professionals are also a hot commodity these days. Those are the folks who use computers to design everything from prosthetics to aircraft components.

Finally, software engineers are also in high demand. This is the information age, and software is used to disseminate that information.


How to recruit engineers effectively

When it comes to locating quality engineering talent, start with the people you know. Engineers, like people in just about any other discipline, tend to be birds of a feather. If you already know someone who is a great engineer, than he or she might know a few other great engineers. Build a referral network starting with your existing colleagues.

Second, don’t neglect the importance of social networking. In fact, you can use social media as a means to build your referral network. Follow quality engineers on Twitter, and ask them to follow you back (note: they’re more likely to follow you back if you ask them). Advertise open positions from time to time but also use your Twitter feed to share links of interest to engineers. They’ll appreciate that, and possibly retweet the links. That’s a great way to get your name in front of other engineering professionals.

Third, engage in proactive recruiting. This point follows nicely with the previous two. Don’t wait until you need to fill an engineering position before you start your search. Start your search before a position is even available. Build a network of quality relationships with a variety of engineers. Then, when an opportunity presents itself, reach out to those engineers that you already know.

Finally, but most important: partner with a great staffing firm. Here at Selectek, we know more than anyone else about how to fill those in-demand engineering positions. We have a proven track record in matching skilled candidates to exact-fit opportunities. That’s been the basis of our success, and why we’ve become the staffing solution of choice for many hiring managers looking to fill engineering positions.