How to Keep Your Job Secure During Possible Recession

Talk about a potential recession has been ongoing, and while one hasn’t formally occurred, a recession remains a genuine possibility. During a recession, job losses often occur. Layoffs allow companies to right-size their workforce based on shifting demand or changing operational costs, making them common during periods of economic uncertainty. Fortunately, professionals can take steps to keep their jobs as secure as possible.

Here Are Some Tips to Get You Headed in The Right Direction:

Be Indispensable

One of the most effective ways to secure your position within an organization is to become the go-to person for a critical task or knowledge area. Identify places where you contribute the most value, and work to become the top performer person in that space. By doing so, if staffing reductions are necessary, it becomes much harder for them to let you go.

Go Above and Beyond

While simply being excellent at your core job is potentially enough during periods of economic stability or growth, it may not be enough to maintain job security during uncertain times. Instead, going above and beyond is increasingly essential, as that positions you as a critical asset.

Taking initiative is a quality that employers universally value, particularly during downturns. Look for ways to contribute outside the scope of your core job description. Volunteer for cross-functional teams, brainstorm solutions to emerging issues and step outside of your comfort zone to support the company. By being proactive and open-minded about what you can handle, you provide more value, and that can save your job if layoffs become necessary.

Adapt and Learn

In times of economic uncertainty, a company’s needs can change rapidly. If you’re concerned about job security, learning new skills and adapting to shifting conditions works in your favor.

Remain on top of how your workplace is evolving to navigate economic challenges. Then, proactively seize opportunities to provide value in those new areas, such as by acquiring related skills. Leverage on-the-job training programs and outside resources to hone critical capabilities. That ensures you’re providing exceptional value and are ready to adapt to changing conditions.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

A positive attitude can make a significant difference in how you navigate challenging times. Stay resilient, remain optimistic, and project confidence in the face of uncertainty. Positivity can influence not just your morale, but that of those around you. Plus, it can create a more supportive work environment, all while making a positive impression on your manager.

Stay Informed

Staying informed about the financial health and direction of your organization works in your favor. By monitoring industry news, company announcements, and any indicators of potential changes or challenges, you can anticipate potential shifts and adapt your approach accordingly. In turn, it’s easier to position yourself as an asset and contribute to the company’s evolving needs.

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