How to Get a Job with a Flexible Work Schedule

For many professionals, finding a job with a flexible work schedule is a dream come true. Often, flexibility makes work-life balance easier to achieve. Plus, it may allow you to handle tasks when you’re most focused and productive, leading to better results.

Finding a position with a flexible work schedule may seem tricky at first, but it’s usually far easier than many professionals expect. Here’s a look at how to get a job with a flexible work schedule.

Use Keywords During Your Search

Typically, the simplest way to begin finding a job with a flexible work schedule is to use the right keywords during your job search online. Terms like “flex” or “flexible schedule” can limit the results on most job sites to openings that make that an option. Some may even have filters you can use that focus the results on opportunities that allow flexible work schedules, making it even easier.

In some cases, focusing on remote-only positions can also work well. However, even if the job involves telecommuting full-time, that doesn’t mean a standardized work schedule isn’t part of the equation; it just could be more likely that flexibility is also available.

Review Company Careers Pages

If there are employers in your area that appeal to you, head to the company’s career page on its website and look for information about work schedules. Many will openly advertise flexible schedules if they’re available, as it’s a benefit that’s known to attract talent.

If you don’t see flexible work schedules mentioned on the careers page, look for posts, pages, or downloads that outline any work policies. Those usually contain the information you’re after, making them a reasonable alternative when you’re doing this type of research.

Tap Your Network to Find Opportunities

Turning to your network can be an excellent way to find out if an employer offers flexible work schedules. Begin by discussing it with any contacts that currently or recently worked for the company. You can also see if any existing network members are connected to current employees and request an introduction so that you can gather information.

It’s also wise to see if anyone knows of companies that offer flexible work schedules. Even if your contacts don’t work for an employer directly, they may have heard about that benefit from others, so it’s worth asking. Then, you can find a connection to any company with potential and see if you can secure a referral if there’s a relevant opening.

Work with a Recruiter to Find Your Perfect Job

Partnering with a recruiter for your job search makes finding your perfect position easier. Recruiters know what employers bring to the table, so they can quickly narrow down the viable options based on whether the company supports flexible work schedules. As a result, your job search moves forward faster.

If you’re ready to find a career-boosting opportunity that also comes with a flexible work schedule, Selectek wants to hear from you. Contact us and speak with one of our recruiters today.