The Best Paying Engineering Jobs Right Now

Engineering is an excellent option for those looking for lucrative careers. Many engineering disciplines are in-demand, and there’s often a short supply of suitable professionals. Plus, the work is technical and requires a significant amount of expertise. When taken together, that usually translates into solid salaries.

While looking beyond salary when choosing a focus is critical, factoring it into the equation isn’t a bad idea. Here’s an overview of some of the best-paying engineering jobs right now.

Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical engineers are essential to the development of medical equipment and the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Essentially, they research biological and health-related problems and design systems that can serve as solutions.

Typically, those working in the biomedical engineering field have expertise in a variety of scientific and technical disciplines. In exchange for their expertise, salaries often get close to the six-figure mark.

Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer hardware engineers are professionals who focus on creating and improving computer systems and components. They may design processors, digital storage systems, RAM, or similar solutions to help computers operate more efficiently or quickly.

In many cases, there’s a significant amount of problem-solving involved, as updates to components can create various challenges, such as issues with heat management. Along with being engaging work, these positions usually come with solid paychecks, with many in the field earning more than six figures.

Data Engineer

Data engineers are technical professionals that help companies leverage their data more effectively. Typically, they’re responsible for designing analytics systems, including the infrastructure, to ensure information is organized logically and located in areas that promote faster processing and appropriate access.

Usually, data engineers have backgrounds in software development or a similar field, as well as a strong understanding of data science and data management. While pay rates do vary, many in the niche do earn more than six figures.

Environmental Engineers

Environmental engineers focus their careers on environmental concerns, using their knowledge of biology, chemistry, and soil to overcome challenges. They may concentrate on air pollution control, waste disposal, water processing, recycling, or similar niches, as well as ensure that any future development doesn’t negatively impact the local environment.

As an environmental engineer, understanding various regulations is also essential, ensuring that any work aligns with local laws, building codes, and more. Often, salaries are close to the six-figure mark, though they do vary.

Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineers are professionals focusing on extracting and processing oil or natural gas for petroleum products and energy resources. Safety is a priority for these engineers, both in relation to the people using the equipment and handling the processing and when it comes to the environment.

Often, petroleum engineers are exceptional problem-solvers and researchers, aiming to increase efficiency and streamline processes. Often, they command salaries over six figures, though exact pay rates can vary.

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