7 Ways to Stay Calm & Confident Before an Interview

Even if you’re confident in what you bring to the table, it’s normal to feel a bit nervous before an interview. Fortunately, getting yourself in a good mental place doesn’t have to be challenging. Here are seven ways to stay calm and confident before your interview.

1. Practice Your Answers

While you can’t predict every question an interviewer may ask, you can anticipate a good portion of them. Spend time reviewing those questions in advance. Then, rehearse strong answers to get comfortable with the material. Then, you’ll have an easier time delivering those responses confidently, as you do not have to make them up on the fly.

2. Exercise to Burn Off Nervous Energy

Exercising before your interview can help you burn off any nervous energy you’re carrying. Consider taking a brisk walk to get yourself moving and to spend time in nature, which is also relaxing in many cases. It’s also a good idea to listen to music that you find soothing along the way.

If you won’t have an opportunity to shower or change before your interview, keep the pace somewhat slow. That helps you avoid sweating but still lets you stretch your legs.

3. Plan Your Outfit in Advance

Scrambling to choose an outfit right before your interview will leave you feeling scattered. Since that’s the case, it’s better to select your attire the day before. Along with choosing the items, it allows you to inspect your clothing for issues like a poor fit, wrinkles you need to iron, or missing buttons. Then, you can fix them or go with another option instead of accidentally arriving at your interview looking disheveled.

4. Gather the Right Details

If you are heading to an interview site and aren’t sure where you’ll need to park, who you need to speak to when you arrive, or other critical details, you’ll likely experience additional stress. Fortunately, this is easily avoidable. Speak with the hiring manager before the meeting and gather the information. Learn about parking, building entry procedures, check-in contacts, and anything else you may need to navigate, leaving you prepared.

5. Have a Good Meal or Snack

Skipping a meal before an interview can leave you feeling sluggish or unfocused. Make sure you eat at an appropriate time before the meeting. Have a filling meal without overdoing it, or eat a quick snack right before the interview. Also, sip some water before the meeting to ensure you’re hydrated, but not so much that you may need a bathroom break in the middle of the interview.

6. Brush Your Teeth

Having clean, fresh breath doesn’t just help you make a better impression; it leaves you feeling more confident. Consider taking a disposable toothbrush with you that has toothpaste built-in. These single-use items are convenient to carry in a bag, allowing you to freshen up right before the meeting.

7. Talk to Your Personal Cheerleader

Most professionals have a friend or family member who’s happy to talk them up. Right before your interview, give your personal cheerleader a call. Let them know the meeting is starting soon and ask them to help boost your confidence. Often, they’ll be happy to give you a quick pep talk, leaving you feeling far more confident.

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Ultimately, all of the tips above can make staying calm and collected before an interview easier. If you’d like to learn more or are searching for a new job opportunity, Selectek wants to hear from you. Contact us today.