Working Remotely? How to Determine What to Wear

When you’re working remotely, you may think your attire doesn’t matter. After all, you’re not crossing paths with your colleagues while at your desk or in the halls. Instead, the only time your coworkers or manager will see you is during video calls.

That leads some professionals to assume that wearing whatever they like is an option. However, defaulting to pajamas, loungewear, or athleisure apparel isn’t always the best choice. If you’re working remotely, here’s how to determine what to wear.

Dress for Motivation

First and foremost, you need to dress in a way that helps you remain focused and motivated during the workday. For some, highly casual attire alters their mentality in a way that hinders productivity. For others, this is less of an issue. Plus, some may find comfortable clothing motivating, leaving them feeling less constrained or confined by their outfit.

Ultimately, you need to determine if dressing similarly to what you wore in the office works in your favor. If it helps you turn on your “work brain,” then stick with clothing that aligns with what you’d choose if you head to the workplace. If that isn’t the case, then an adjustment to your outfits may be an option, barring the impact of the points below.

Factor in Your Industry and Role

In some cases, your industry and role will play the biggest role in your decision. Certain jobs commonly come with stricter attire requirements. For example, the banking and financial services sector tends to favor more formal business attire, while technology companies are more casual on average.

However, you also need to consider your overall visibility. Customer-facing roles that include frequent video calls will require employees to meet specific attire standards based on the company’s expectations. Similarly, professionals that commonly need to join video calls with managers, company leaders, and various stakeholders might need to make different choices than employees who only engage with their teammates during video calls.

Always Be Camera-Ready

Regardless of whether you dress more formally or casually, being camera-ready while you’re on the clock is essential. Spontaneous video calls may occur no matter the nature of your role, so looking put together needs to be a priority.

Additionally, make sure you dress appropriately from top to bottom. Even if a webcam traditionally only shows your upper body, you never know if you’ll need to stand up unexpectedly during a video meeting. As a result, make sure your pants or skirt are also suitable, just as a precaution.

Strike a Balance

In most cases, your goal should be striking a balance. While you want to look appropriate based on the nature of your job and standards for your industry, choosing the most comfortable versions of that attire is a wise choice. It ensures you’re presentable and can boost motivation, all while leaving you feeling your best during the workday.

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