Why Is Hiring Boomerang Employees Beneficial?

Today, companies are struggling to secure the high-quality talent they need to thrive. At times, the situation is made more difficult due to a reluctance to hire boomerang employees.

A surprising number of professionals are open to returning to a former employer. Additionally, there are some distinct benefits relating to rehiring. If you are wondering why hiring boomerang employees is beneficial, here’s what you need to know.

What Is a Boomerang Employee?

In the simplest sense, boomerang employees are employees that once left the organization and are now returning to that company. The employee expressed an interest in coming back, leaving the business to decide whether or not to rehire them.

A boomerang employee may have initially exited the company for a range of reasons. Some may have quit, while others may have been laid off. In rare instances, a boomerang employee was previously terminated.

It isn’t the reason for their exit that marks a boomerang employee. Instead, it’s their return to the company that puts them in that category.

Why Hiring Boomerang Employees Is Beneficial

Hiring a boomerang employee comes with a wide array of benefits, many of which are based on their familiarity with your company. For example, the onboarding process is likely shorter. There may be a personnel file from their prior tenure still in place, making their return less administratively burdensome, as well.

In some cases, any training requirements are also reduced. Depending on how long they’ve been away, they may still be familiar with internal processes and technologies. As a result, they won’t need as much of a training investment, as a simpler refresher may be sufficient.

At times, inviting a boomerang employee back can also give you insights into the competition. If they left your company for another in the same industry, they have knowledge relating to that operation. That may give them a broader understanding of the sector, making them more effective.

Higher Job Satisfaction

Additionally, a boomerang employee may have higher job satisfaction. Most professionals won’t return to an employer that feels like a poor fit. As a result, interest in coming back typically signals that the workplace is a solid match in their eyes. Plus, they may be highly appreciative at being given a chance to come back, resulting in a more positive attitude.

Finally, boomerang employees are – at least to a degree – known quantities. The company likely has a solid idea of whether the worker fits into the culture and the nature of their personality. While it’s true that the information may be less reliable if the employee has been gone for an extended period, it’s easier to estimate their likelihood of meshing with the culture than other kinds of new hires.

Ultimately, hiring a boomerang employee can be incredibly beneficial. Plus, with the current tight labor market, overlooking their potential may not be wise.

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