Using Social Media to Recruit Talent

Social media – once a landscape for simply keeping in touch with loved ones – is not a hot destination for recruiting talent. Platforms like LinkedIn paved the way for using social media as a way to connect with candidates, and companies are increasingly finding ways to use the various platforms in new, exciting ways.

While social media may be an intimidating landscape for the uninitiated, using it as a recruitment tool isn’t as challenging as one would expect. If you want to take your social recruiting to the next level, here are some tips.

Choose the Right Platforms

Often, LinkedIn is viewed as the quintessential platform for recruiting since it’s career-oriented. However, that doesn’t make it the right choice across the board. For example, younger professionals – particularly those under the age of 25 – aren’t commonly on LinkedIn, so you may not want to use it for specific entry-level roles. Additionally, you may not find as many experienced industrial workers on the platform as you would office-based professionals.

Before you default to LinkedIn, consider who you need to recruit. If you’re aiming at younger professionals, you may want to explore sites like Snapchat or Instagram. Facebook could be a solid choice for mid-career professionals, while YouTube can provide value across multiple age groups.

Create Separate Recruitment Profiles

If you use social media to advertise products, services, or sales, you may not want to rely solely on it for your recruitment efforts. In many cases, those following your company due to its offerings aren’t always the same audience as potential recruits. As a result, this can harm follower counts and engagement, as some users may only be interested in content that falls in one arena.

Instead, create a separate – but clearly related – account that’s focused on recruitment. That allows those interested in working for you to connect without having to navigate a feed with product or service-related posts.

Don’t Just List Job Opportunities

Once you have a recruitment account, you’ll have an ideal place for job listings. However, you also want to provide value beyond discussing opportunities and increase overall interest.

A few techniques are incredibly effective for boosting engagement and attracting the right kind of talent. First, include posts that showcase your company culture and recent organizational achievements. This gives candidates a clearer picture of what it’s like to work for your company, increasing the odds that those who apply are a great fit across the board.

Second, create content that’s designed to provide professionals with insights they can use in their careers. This can include industry news, tips for advancing, and more. With that, you’re giving candidates a reason to head to your profile and view your posts more often, increasing the odds that they’ll notice right-fit opportunities when you post them.

Take Advantage of Targeting and Search Tools

Social media platforms have toolsets that allow companies to target ads or locate candidates with specific capabilities. With the former, you can focus your ads to increase the odds that they’ll reach the ideal candidate. For example, you can limit them to a particular geographic area. With the latter, you can focus on various keywords, hashtags, or other points.

Explore any advanced search or targeting options to see what the platform offers. Then, use them to your advantage. Sometimes, just a few minor adjustments can reap dividends, so it’s worth exploring what’s available.

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