Here’s How Training Can Solve Your Tech Talent Crunch

Tech unemployment has been low for several years, creating a hardship for employers struggling with vacant technology positions. While attempting to fill openings with external candidates can still be wise, relying on it as the only solution isn’t ideal. Instead, companies should seize opportunities to close skill gaps on their own, namely, by offering the right training.

Training is a potent tool, making it easier to secure the skills companies need in several ways. Here’s a look at how training can solve your tech crunch.

Closing Skill Gaps with Upskilling Programs

When it comes to the direct benefits of offering training, the ability to close skill gaps is a significant one. Through a robust upskilling program, you can hone the capabilities of existing team members.

Upskilling allows you to not only address missing skills within a department but also enhance coverage in key competency areas. That makes companies better equipped to navigate unexpected absences or employee exits, all because they have professionals on staff with the needed capabilities.

When it comes to designing your upskilling program, start by examining upcoming projects and missed opportunities. That helps you see which capabilities are potentially the most valuable, giving you targets that offer a reasonable return on investment (ROI) quickly. Once you address those critical needs, you can start branching out, choosing skills that make previously inaccessible options viable.

Boosting Retention with Professional Development

Most technologists have career aspirations beyond the role they hold today. As a result, they favor employers that make reaching their goals easier, such as by offering training and having clear options for climbing up the ladder.

By having a well-developed training program, you’re meeting that critical need for your workforce. Along with boosting your capabilities, outlining advancement paths and helping them complete those journeys turns your company into an employer of choice. When that occurs, employees are less likely to seek out advancement opportunities outside of the company, mainly because that core need is addressed internally.

Using Training Opportunities to Enhance Recruitment

Just as a training program can boost retention, it can also bolster recruitment efforts. When other professionals hear that your company offers chances to grow, develop, and advance, you become a more attractive employer to those working elsewhere who are seeking out opportunities.

As a result, you’ll often get more responses when you advertise job openings. Additionally, the quality of the candidate also commonly rises, mainly because you’re viewed as an employer of choice by those outside your organization as well as your current employees.

Similarly, since training can boost job satisfaction, you may end up with more referrals. That’s incredibly powerful, as referred candidates often have higher odds of success since your current employees know what it takes to thrive in the role and at the company.

Find Great Talent with Our Recruiters

Overall, training can be a great solution for any company battling the tech crunch. If you’d like to learn more about how you can position your organization as an employer of choice, the team at Selectek wants to hear from you. Contact us today.