Soft Skills to Look for in a CAD Designer

When you’re hiring a CAD designer, it’s normal to focus on technical capabilities. However, if you want your new hire to thrive, ensuring they have the proper soft skills is also essential.

In many cases, a professional’s soft skills significantly influence how they navigate their workplace and their role. Without the right traits, they may struggle to mesh with your culture or meet performance expectations.

Generally, specific soft skills are particularly valuable for CAD designers. If you want to ensure that your next new hire flourishes, here are the traits you need to find.


When it comes to must-have soft skills, communication is easily the most important. CAD designers often have to gather information from a wide array of professionals and clients, ensuring they are on target with their projects. Plus, they’ll need to discuss challenges with others if they reach an obstacle they can’t overcome, as well as talk about results with colleagues and clients.

In most cases, hiring managers need to look for both written and verbal communication skills. Both are valuable within the grander workplace, ensuring your new hire can convey information with ease regardless of the medium.

Attention to Detail

CAD designers often work on highly complex projects, one where even small errors can derail a project. Since that’s the case, attention to detail is an essential soft skill. It ensures your new hire will be appropriately meticulous when they work, reducing the odds of problematic errors or oversights. Plus, it makes them adept at reviewing any deliverables that they’re working from, ensuring they ask the right clarifying questions before they proceed, increasing the odds everything is handled correctly from the beginning.


In most cases, CAD designers aren’t fully independent. Instead, they work as part of a larger team, ensuring broader project goals are met and that every team member has what they need to thrive.

While communication plays a role in collaboration, there’s also more to the equation. Active listening, patience, and empathy are often crucial parts of the equation, ensuring that your new hire can learn from the perspective of others, adapt their approach as necessary, and remain calm should difficulties arise.


Many jobs come with a bit of the unexpected. Since changing priorities are often unavoidable, ensuring your next CAD designer is agile is essential. With that trait, they’ll adapt to workplace shifts with greater ease. Whether that’s a change to a design plan, a moved deadline, or the need to focus on a different project, agile professionals due so with poise and speed, ensuring they remain productive even during times of change.

Agility also means they’ll have an easier time adjusting to new technologies. Since the world of CAD design changes quickly and emerging solutions are commonly on the horizon, this is beneficial to any company that prefers to stay ahead of the curve.

We Can Help Your Organization Grow

Ultimately, the soft skills above are crucial for CAD designers. If you want to learn more about what you need to find in a new hire or need top talent for your open positions, the staff at Selectek wants to hear from you. Contact us today.