How to Set SMART Goals to Set Yourself Up for Success in 2022

Goal-setting is a powerful tool, allowing you to set yourself up for career success. However, you need to use it correctly if you want it to be effective.

Turning to SMART goals is often the simplest way to ensure you have well-defined, actionable targets. If you aren’t sure how to begin, here’s what you need to know about setting SMART G=goals.

What Are SMART Goals?

SMART is an acronym that stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. With SMART goals, the idea is to consider each of those factors when outlining your objectives. By ensuring the goals you craft tap on each of those points, you create actionable targets that can propel your career forward.

Developing SMART Goals

When you’re developing SMART goals, your first step is to identify a general objective you’d like to reach. For example, you may want to secure a promotion or boost your performance.

Next, you take that initial idea and refine it, using the SMART framework as your guide. First, you’ll work to make the goal more specific. For example, you might pick a particular job title instead of just securing a promotion. You may also determine if you want it to be with a current employer or another company.

For measurable, you choose a well-defined point associated with meaningful progress or success. For instance, instead of boosting performance, you may want to increase your sales by 15 percent.

Achievable simply means selecting a goal that you can accomplish. While the target can be challenging, it shouldn’t be impossible.

Relevant goals are those that align with your broader values and long-term objectives. Essentially, it means having a clear idea of why that goal matters, based on the bigger picture.

Finally, time-bound involves setting a timeframe for achieving the goal. For instance, you might want to secure that promotion within 12 months or boost your sales by 15 percent by the next quarter. By doing so, you give yourself a clear deadline, motivating you to keep pushing forward.

Why SMART Goals Help You Achieve Success

In many ways, SMART goals are the counterpoint to ambiguous ones. When an objective isn’t clearly defined, it’s harder to identify a path that leads you toward success. Plus, it may be harder to stay motivated, particularly if you aren’t sure when success is actually achieved.

SMART goals allow you to define your objectives, giving you a clear, attainable target. You’ll have an easier time remaining motivated, as well as breaking down the steps you’ll need to take to reach that goal, all because the objective is well-defined.

Essentially, you’ll know exactly what you want, making it easier to determine how to get there. With that, your odds of success rise, ensuring your career remains on target.

We Can Help You Achieve Your Career Goals

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