These Are the Most In-Demand Engineering Jobs This Year

Whether you’re getting ready to take your first steps into the workforce or are contemplating a career change, choosing a professional path isn’t always easy. Often, you want to balance interest with potential, ensuring you start walking down a road that can keep you engaged and financially secure.

By learning what kinds of professionals are in demand, you can focus on lucrative options with significant growth potential. With that in mind, here is a look at the most in-demand engineering jobs this year.

Software Engineer

In recent years, the need for software engineers has risen dramatically, particularly those who specialize in growth areas like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science. The ability to leverage large datasets is something more companies are after. As a result, they turn to software engineers to create solutions that make that easier.

Robotics Engineer

Robotics engineers are increasingly critical in industrial workplaces. Many advanced manufacturing strategies require robust and capable equipment that can operate fairly autonomously, maintaining productivity while meeting all quality standards. Robotics engineers help make that possible by designing systems and solutions that offer exceptional precision coupled with speed.

Mechanical Engineer

The world of mechanical engineering is incredibly diverse. Essentially, if a company uses physical equipment and machinery, they often have a use for a mechanical engineer. As a result, mechanical engineers can find opportunities in a wide range of fields, making it easier to get a career off of the ground and keep it moving forward.

Electrical Engineer

Like mechanical engineering, electrical engineering is a broad field. Those working in the profession may do anything from designing electrical systems for aircraft to developing power generation equipment. Essentially, if it involves electricity and wiring, an electrical engineer may be part of the equation. That means that those who launch a career as an electrical engineer are rarely short on opportunities.

Civil Engineer

With infrastructure improvements being a high priority in many areas, demand for civil engineers is rising. These professionals assist with the designing and building of various structures, including roadways, bridges, tunnels, water supply systems, and more. Since many civil engineers specialize in a particular kind or set of structures, talent in each niche isn’t always widely available, allowing those working in the field to access lucrative opportunities with greater ease.

Renewable Energy Engineer

As people and companies increasingly embrace “green” principles, the demand for renewable energy engineers rises. These professionals help design and build renewable energy systems – including wind, solar, hydropower, and geothermal solutions – to help increase access to clean energy. As long as interest in clean energy continues to increase, renewable energy engineers won’t struggle to find opportunities.

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Ultimately, each of the engineering jobs above is in demand today and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future. As a result, pursuing one of the fields on the list can be a wise move, allowing you to have a stable and lucrative career.

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