Impactful and Budget-Friendly Ways to Thank Your Employees This Holiday Season

The holiday season is currently upon us. As an employer, it’s wise to take advantage of this time of year and show your employees that you genuinely appreciate their contributions. By expressing your gratitude in a meaningful way, you can improve morale by ensuring your team feels valued.

Even if you have a tight budget, you can still showcase your appreciation. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some impactful and budget-friendly ways to thank your employees this holiday season.

Personalized Thank You Cards

A sincere “thank you” is surprisingly powerful, especially when it’s specific. If you want to make sure your employees feel seen and valued, take the time to write out personalized messages in blank thank you cards.

As you get ready to craft the message, spend some time reflecting on the employee’s unique contributions and traits. That way, you can reference specific instances in your note, making the card far more meaningful.

Extra Paid Time Off

The holiday season is typically a hectic time. If you want to help your employees maintain a work-life balance while expressing your gratitude for their contributions, consider providing them with extra paid time off.

Usually, you have a few ways to make this work. First, you could give employees a specific number of hours they can spend, giving them the ability to pick and choose how they use this extra time. Second, you could close down your office or department for an afternoon or a full day, giving the entire team a break all at once.

Which approach is best may depend on your unique situation. However, either is likely to be appreciated.

Catered Meal

When it comes to gifts that are almost universal crowd-pleasers, free food is usually near the top of the list. By having a team meal catered, you can give your employees a delectable treat. Plus, if you accompany it with a short gathering, you’ll create an opportunity to relax and socialize.

Just make sure that you plan the menu correctly. Some of your employees may have dietary restrictions, so it’s best to have dishes that cover them. If you aren’t sure whether anyone on your team has a restricted diet, you can either ask if anyone has unique needs or make sure that the available entrees handle the most common ones.

Hand Out Gift Cards

Gift cards are another simple option that can work in many situations. Plus, during the holiday season, you can often find discounted gift card bundles, giving you a way to save a bit of cash.

When you choose the retailer or restaurant for the gift card, opt for ones that are widely used or that have a broad selection of products or menu items. That way, the odds are higher that everyone can get value out of the gift.

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Ultimately, each of the options above is an affordable way to show your employees appreciation around the holidays. If you’d like to find out more about how you can make your team feel valued, the staff at Selectek wants to hear from you. Contact us today.