2021 Advice for Engineers: The Impact of the Pandemic

The pandemic had a dramatic impact on workplaces, particularly those focused on industrial operations. Social distancing requirements meant many engineers were separated from colleagues, with some even working remotely in the name of safety.

While vaccine rollouts are making a difference, the pandemic is still a relevant part of the working equation today. Engineers need to take that into consideration, ensuring they can keep their careers on target during this tumultuous period.

If you want to improve your career prospects this year, here are some tips that can help.

Reexamine Your Ideal Job

When engineering candidates begin looking for opportunities, they often focus on openings that align with their skills and come with duties they prefer. While those are certainly important, job seekers should factor more into the equation.

Ideally, candidates need to focus on positions with companies that have an exceptional culture that can lead to further career development. This is especially true for younger engineers where the right opportunity can make it easier to walk down their longer path, opening doors that may otherwise take more time to reach.

Be Achievement-Oriented

When you update your resume and cover letter, be achievement-oriented. Highlight challenges you’ve overcome in the past, including at least one standout example from during the pandemic, if you have one to share.

By focusing on accomplishments, you highlight how you use your skills to generate excellent results. It helps the hiring manager gather more practical information, allowing them to envision how you may assist them with their own challenges moving forward.

Consider a Contract Position

In 2021, flexibility is still the name of the game. Companies want to remain agile, particularly as the chance of a resurgence looms over their heads. As a result, they may forgo permanent hires and rely more heavily on contract positions.

By being open to a contract job, you give yourself access to additional opportunities. Further, if you perform well and the economic situation remains stable, the short-term role may lead straight into a permanent offer. If that occurs, you can move forward with increased confidence, as you’ll already know if the workplace and duties are a great fit for you.

Connect with a Recruiter

When you want a top-tier opportunity, working with a recruiter is an excellent move. Recruiters have connections with leading employers and may have access to openings that aren’t advertised elsewhere. Additionally, they know what it takes to impress hiring managers and thrive at the companies they partner with, giving them knowledge that they can pass down to you.

Finally, a recruiter is your job search ally. After learning more about your skills, need, and preferences, they can do much of the legwork, finding jobs that offer as much of what you’re after as possible. They can assess vacancies to see if they may be a match, assist you with targeting your resume, and ensure you’re ready for interviews.

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