A Guide to Selecting Top Engineering Talent After COVID-19

COVID-19 threw the world into upheaval. Companies and professionals alike scrambled to adapt, and many prospective candidates put their job searches on hold, fearing that making a change during the pandemic wasn’t wise.

Now that we are transitioning into a post-COVID-19 landscape, many of the hesitations professionals had are diminishing. They are ready to seize new opportunities.

As an employer, securing top engineering talent is usually a priority. In this post-pandemic landscape, it’s crucial to use the right approach. That way, you can genuinely find the cream of the crop.

If you are looking for exceptional engineering candidates, here’s how to choose the right job seeker the first time.

Be Selective

If you were previously struggling to fill an engineering vacancy, it might be tempting to select the first candidate that seems like an okay fit, overlooking concerns that seem minor on the surface. The issue is, this approach isn’t ideal.

Typically, it’s far better to be selective, especially if you focus on the right areas. Not only do you want an engineering candidate with the necessary core technical skills, but you also need to find one with enthusiasm for the field who is willing to learn. Often, passion and potential can be far greater determiners of future success than checking every box on a must-have skills list, especially if yours is lengthy.

Additionally, you need to factor in culture fit. Even a highly experienced, well-versed engineer will struggle if they don’t mesh with your culture or have a poor attitude. That’s why you always need to consider that when making a hiring decision.

Test Applicants

Often, the easiest way to assess whether a candidate can perform in the role isn’t reading their resume; it’s performing skills tests. By asking job seekers to complete a technical interview or an assessment based on real-world scenarios, you can learn more about how they would actually perform if selected.

When you design the exam, focus on relevant skill areas, using actual work situations whenever possible. This gives you the most accurate picture of their capabilities, as well as insights into how they solve problems, approach obstacles, and more.

Offer Apprenticeships

Many companies overlook incredibly capable candidates simply because they are recent graduates or have spent some time away from the workforce. Often, this can be a grave mistake, as you may be overlooking job seekers who could thrive if they were properly nurtured.

By launching an apprenticeship program, you can tap that talent. As long as their core skill set is robust, you can guide them toward the rest, effectively molding them into your ideal employee.

Plus, this approach can build loyalty, boosting retention. Many professionals prefer employers that will help them grow professionally. With an apprenticeship program, you do just that, making it easier to position yourself as an employer of choice.

Do You Need to Expand Your Engineering Team?

Getting access to top engineering talent is a must for many companies, especially if you want to stay ahead of the competition and meet your broader goals. If you need skilled engineering professionals for your vacant positions, Selectek can help. Contact us today.