5 Crucial Tips to Keep Your Technicians Safe Year-Round

June is National Safety Month, making it an ideal team to review the steps your company takes to keep technicians safe. That way, you can keep your staff healthy year-round while also demonstrating your commitment to their wellness.

If your safety strategy needs an update, here are five crucial tips for keeping your technicians safe that can help.

1. Have Robust Safety Protocols

First and foremost, having clear, thorough safety protocols is essential. By outlining common procedures and defining best practices, you ensure your team is fully apprised of what’s expected, how to handle emergencies, and more.

Ideally, you want to describe your protocols in the employee handbook, as well as display information cards near relevant equipment or work areas. Additionally, an annual safety training session can refresh employees on the processes, as well as ensure they are informed of any changes.

2. Perform All Equipment Maintenance

Properly maintained equipment is less likely to break down or cause injuries. When machinery maintenance is neglected, equipment operation can become unpredictable. Damage can lead to various kinds of failures, including some that may be harmful to your team.

Make sure that equipment maintenance is a priority. Follow all manufacturer recommendations regarding the timing of routine maintenance, and make sure that employees can easily report issues that may occur between service appointments.

3. Leave Machinery Guards in Place

Many kinds of machinery have safety guards in place to protect technicians while they use the equipment. Usually, these shield the employee from areas that could be dangerous, reducing the chance of contact and injury.

Some companies are tempted to remove the guards because they can slow productivity. However, doing so introduces additional risk into your workplace. Plus, it may be a violation of federal or state guidelines, something that can result in serious consequences.

4. Operate at Appropriate Speeds

In a production environment, speed is a critical part of meeting deadlines. While it may be tempting to push equipment and employees to their limits, rushing can lead to safety issues. If a worker is trying to maintain an unreasonable pace, they may be more likely to make a mistake or less vigilant about safety. With equipment, excessive speed could dramatically increase wear and tear or could result in machinery failures, especially if they are moving faster than the manufacturer recommends.

Make sure that all team members are maintaining a reasonable pace and that equipment is running at a safe speed. That way, errors or breakdowns are less likely.

5. Focus on Communication

Communication is critical for workplace safety. Along with keeping employees informed of procedure changes and best practices, regular communication lets them express concerns they may have, too. Transparency also breeds trust, creating a more positive environment. Together, this can enhance safety, ensuring your workplace remains compliant, and your employees feel secure.

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