How Important Is Your Engineering Resume?

Whether you’re actively looking for a new engineering role, or simply want to be prepared should an unexpected opportunity comes along, the quality of your engineering resume matters. Without a stellar resume, your odds of making it through an initial screening or to the interview round are greatly diminished. This can cause your career to stall.

In contrast, an exceptional resume opens doors. It ups your odds of landing interviews. Thus, making it easier to keep your career on track.

If you are wondering why you should continuously be working hard on your engineering resume and what you can do to improve yours. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Your Engineering Resume Matters

In many ways, your engineering resume is a digital handshake. Often, this document is the first way a hiring manager gets to learn about who you are professionally and what you have to offer. It’s a crucial introductory moment and, if you don’t get it right, the hiring manager may decide right then and there that you aren’t the best candidate for the role.

Poorly written, generic, or otherwise subpar engineering resumes don’t make a stellar first impression. Since you have to assume that there are other fantastic candidates applying, failing to elevate your resume is a major mistake. Often, hiring managers will only pursue a limited number of candidates and, if you don’t rise to the top, you won’t be one.

However, if your resume is genuinely a standout, it’ll open doors. Hiring managers will be enthusiastic about meeting you, as they’ll be interested in learning more about what you bring to the table. In the end, creating a resume that leads to that feeling needs to be a priority. That way, when you do apply for a new role, your odds of advancing through the hiring process are stronger.

How to Boost Your Engineering Resume

If you want to make sure your engineering resume turns heads for all of the right reasons, your first step should be to target the content to the position. Review the job description, looking both at the responsibilities and keywords, then make sure the accomplishments you feature in your application speak to those points and use those select terms.

It’s also crucial to review your resume for mistakes. Spelling and grammar errors make it seem like you lack attention to detail, and that doesn’t work in your favor.

When you are describing your achievements, keep the language active. Use power verbs that really pack a punch, as that’ll make your resume more engaging.

Additionally, don’t feel like you’re limited to a single page. A two-page resume is entirely acceptable and often necessary to appropriately showcase a professional’s expertise.

Finally, make sure to have a great professional summary as your first section after your contract details. This space lets you highlight the best of what you bring to the table and may help you draw the hiring manager in, ensuring they’ll take the time to review your entire resume.

Are You Looking for New Engineering Job Opportunities?

Once you have your resume in order, it’s time to launch your search for an exciting engineering job opportunity. If you want assistance with your resume or finding right-fit positions, Selectek can help you identify the best options based on your experience, skills, and needs. Contact us to speak with one of our recruiters today.