7 Steps to Fast Track Your Tech Career

Keeping your tech career on target isn’t as challenging as it seems. By taking the right steps, you can potentially even get ahead of the curve, allowing you to get onto the fast track and exceed your own expectations. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are seven steps worth taking.

7 Steps to Fast Track Your Career

1. Seize All Workplace Training Opportunities

Many workplaces offer employees access to training options. If you have a training program available, take advantage of it. Identify skill or knowledge areas that align with your current role and career future, and request access to the coursework or other available learning mechanisms. That way, you not only get a chance to hone your capabilities, but you also show your employer that growth is a priority and that can work in your favor.

2. Take Ownership of Your Skill Development

Regardless of whether your workplace offers training, you also need to take ownership of your skill development. If you can’t learn what you need to advance through your employer, then acquire the necessary skills on your own time. This ensures that your career remains on target, allowing you to advance more quickly than less motivated peers.

3. Track Emerging Trends

Technology changes quickly, so actively working to monitor emerging trends is critical if you want to stay ahead of advances in the field. Plus, it can help you identify skill areas that are worth developing, potentially letting you add extra capabilities just as companies begin seeking them out in candidates.

4. Volunteer to Join High-Visibility Projects

While taking on additional projects means increasing your workload, joining the right ones is beneficial to your career. High-visibility projects may put you on the radar of upper management, which may make them more likely to think of you when promotional opportunities arise. Additionally, every project is a chance to potentially broaden your network and skill set, both of which can help you advance.

5. Become Someone’s Mentor

Mentoring another professional can actually boost your career. You’ll develop valuable leadership and coaching skills, and that may make you a better management candidate in the future. Plus, mentoring typically expands your network and elevates your professional brand, and that can work in your favor, as well.

6. Seek Out Feedback from Everyone

While requesting feedback from your manager is always crucial, it’s also wise to get insights from others in your professional circle. By asking your coworkers and subordinates, as well as customers you support directly, you gain a more complete picture of how you’re perceived, allowing you to identify shortcomings that need improvement with greater ease.

7. Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Doing something new is a great way to develop your skills and character. If an opportunity that pushes you outside of your comfort zone a hair comes along, seize it.

Do You Need a New Job Opportunity to Keep Your Career Moving Forward?

Regardless of where you are today, if your current position isn’t giving you access to enough growth opportunities, landing a new tech job could be an excellent way to keep your career on the fast track. If you’re looking for positions that will make it easier to keep progressing, Selectek can help. Contact us today.