5 Soft Skills For An Engineering Career

As a professional engineer, you know how important your technical skills are when it comes to growing and advancing your career. However, employers today look for a lot more than just a list of degrees and technical experience. They want to hire people with the right tech skills but who also possess important soft skills that help you work well with your team.

Here are five soft skills that are important for a successful engineering career.  


As an engineer, you must have exceptional communication skills because you will be working as part of a team. Remember, communication isn’t just how you speak. It is about effective listening, being able to take direction and give direction, having strong written communication skills and the ability to communicate highly technical information to non-technical stakeholders.  

Creative Problem-Solving  

Creative problem solving is a very important skill for engineers. Engineering is an entire field devoted to solving problems and employers are looking for professionals who can come up with new ways to solve old problems and overcome new challenges, especially if those solutions allow them to innovate new products or save time and money. 


Every engineering project you’ve ever been a part of has hit a snag along the way. Nothing goes exactly as expected and employers want to hire engineers who don’t let setbacks or unexpected roadblocks impede their progress. It’s important for your career to be able to adapt quickly, adjust your approach and get the project back on track as if nothing ever went wrong. 


“Teamwork makes the dream work” is a cliché that often elicits eye-rolls, but it is true cliché. As an engineer, you will always be working as part of a team and that means that you must be able to function well as part of a unit in which you will sometimes be a leader providing direction and sometimes a follower receiving direction.  


Engineers need leadership skills because even if they are not in supervisory roles, they often need to step up and take the lead or take responsibility for the work being doneEmployers want to hire engineers who can see the big picture, set a great example and motivate teammates to continue to do their best work, even when stress levels are high and morale is low.  

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