How To Save Time And Money When Hiring IT Professionals

Over the last ten-plus years, we’ve moved away from talking to one another on the phone regularly to texting regularly. 2007 was the first year that Americans sent and received more text messages than phone calls and the gap has widened every year since.  

Text-based communication is fast and preferred, especially for younger people. They prefer to text chat with customer service than to call and they are starting to prefer text-based communication through the hiring process, making it a great addition to your recruiting toolbox. But texting is about more than just catering to young people. It’s actually a great way to save time and money when hiring IT professionals.   

Texting is Fast  

Texting simply saves time. There is no time wasted playing phone tag and it can be used to screen candidates efficiently. According to the makers of Canvas, a text-based interviewing platform, texting can shrink screening time for a single candidate to 4.4 minutes. 

Texting Lets You Reach More Candidates 

In the time it would take you to screen one candidate via phone, you can text-screen multiple candidates at once. If you invest in an automated text-screener you can save even more time while the bots do the work for you. 

Texting Enhances Your Brand 

Candidates want a streamlined hiring process and they want multiple channels to interact with you. When you provide a channel that candidates want and that they find simple to use like text, they will think much more highly of you as an organization.  

Texting is What Gen Y and Z Prefer 

As a tech hiring manager, you understand how important it is to connect with young talent. If you want to build those connections, it pays to invest in text. A recent survey of Gen Y and Z asked if they could only keep their phone calling app or their messaging/SMS app on their smartphone, nearly 75 percent chose to keep messaging only.  

And while texting is the preferred method of communication for the youngest tech professionals, many Millennials, Generation X and even Baby Boomers prefer having the option to text, as well.  

Are You Looking For Ways To Improve Your Hiring Process?  

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