Is Your Hiring Process Scaring Away Talent?

It’s challenging enough to attract and recruit top engineering and tech talent, but when your own hiring process is getting in the way, it can be downright impossible. If you have a hiring process that is too long, disorganized or complex, you could be scaring away talent.  

Study Your Job Descriptions  

An effective job description gives a potential applicant a strong feel for the role. However, you have to be careful that you don’t go overboard. The description should be accurate and compelling. However, it should not be so complex that potential applicants feel overwhelmed.  

You can walk that fine line by listing the most important requirements and responsibilities and incorporating information about your corporate culture, salary benefits and perks; as well as links to your social media profiles and website. Make sure the post answers a candidate’s most important questions to give them a reason to apply.  

Try Your Own Application Process  

The number one reason why potential candidates abandon a job application is the complexity of the process. If your application is too long, complex or asks for highly personal information like SSN, candidates will not complete the form.  

Test the process yourself by applying for a job. Set a timer and see how long it takes from the moment you pull up the job posting to the moment you click send. Take note of areas where you feel frustrated yourself. If you feel burdened by the application process, odds are high that applicants feel the same and it could be scaring them off.  

Consider Your Communication Process  

If candidates do not hear from you in a reasonable amount of time, they will assume you’ve moved on to another candidate. Make sure that your communication process: 

  • Includes an auto-responder that lets applicants know their documents have been received. Incorporate a disclaimer like, “only qualified candidates will be contacted,” and provide information on the next steps.  
  • Allows for communication with candidates who will not be moving on. Rather than snail-mailing a rejection letter weeks later, use email and send it as soon as you’ve made the decision. 
  • Keeps candidates engaged who are still in the running. Make sure to reach out to candidates to keep them informed of any changes in the timeline. Poor communication sends the message you do not value the candidate, so take a few minutes to keep them in the loop.  

Study Offers Against Expectations  

Candidates will reject a job offer that does not align with the expectations outlined in the job posting and throughout the interview process. Make sure all final responsibilities, expectations, salary and benefits match the conversations you had with the candidate. Surprises in the offer stage will raise red flags and could cost you your ideal future employee.  

Are You Looking for Engineering and Tech Talent?  

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