4 Skills That Are Essential For A CAD Job

CAD designers, drafters, and technicians play a critical role in engineering teams. They are responsible for creating the plans that engineers will use to build a project. CAD designers typically hold a minimum of an associate degree and/or CAD certification from an accredited program. Aside from a degree or certification, employers are looking for some essential skills in CAD candidates. Here are four skills that are essential for a CAD job.  

Proficiency in CAD Software  

Employers will be looking for people who are proficient in at least one popular computer-aided drafting program. Some of the most popular are AutoCAD and SolidWorks, but the actual software required depends on the industry a designer works in. The good news? Once you master one CAD program, it isn’t hard to learn others, and most employers know this.  So don’t get discouraged if you aren’t proficient in the software a potential employer uses.  

Exceptional Math Skills  

You may be asking yourself, “Doesn’t the software do all the work for you?”  While this is mostly true, you still need to be proficient at some necessary math skills. For example, familiarity with the Cartesian plane is important as you must be able to plot points on a two-axis graph to create drawings.  And while you don’t technically need to add numbers in your head, it would help to be able to look at a basic calculation and tell immediately if it is correct or incorrect.  

Industry Knowledge  

CAD designers need to understand the industry in which they work. Typically, CAD designers stick to one specialization. They may work in manufacturing, civil engineering, and infrastructure, etc. It is important to understand the materials that will be used in the final product and how the final product will be created.  

Soft Skills  

It’s not just computer and technical skills that are important for CAD designers. They must have excellent detail orientation and the ability to solve problems. Teamwork is essential for successful engineering projects, so, in addition, it is vital to have excellent communication skills, to be flexible and adaptable, and to collaborate well.   

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