Three Reasons Why You Should Partner With a Recruiter to find Technical Talent

Recruiting for technical talent is an extremely challenging endeavor in today’s market. There simply isn’t skilled enough, specialized STEM talent to fill open roles. Combine that skill gap with fast-rising salaries and near 0 unemployment in engineering and tech, and you can find yourself with open roles for months – or even years. If you are struggling to fill critical technical roles at your organization, here are three reasons why you should partner with a recruiter.

The Technical Talent Shortage Won’t End

The lack of skilled technical talent in the market isn’t going to end anytime soon. Every single talented STEM professional who wants a job has a job. Moreover, many highly-skilled engineers and tech pros have left the traditional job market to become contractors and consultants. Salaries keep rising as demand continues to outpace supply, and companies are struggling to keep pace with the demands that today’s technical talent can make of their employers.

A specialized recruiting firm can help overcome these challenges. The right partner will have an established network of passive talent and a track record of making accurate placements even in tight markets.

Recruiters Reduce Hiring Risk

The only thing worse than an open technical role is a bad hire. Bad hires are expensive and can set a team back significantly. Working with a specialized technical recruiter can reduce hiring risks. First, recruiters can connect you to skilled SMEs on a short-term basis to help with specific projects rather than hiring full-time employees for specific, immediate needs. Recruiters can also help you leverage contract-to-hire employees, allowing you to test an employee on the job before extending an offer.

Total Alignment Matters

When it comes to filling technical roles, hard skills obviously matter. However, if you want to hire employees who will make valuable contributions to the team and who will stick around longer than a few months, it is important to focus on total alignment.

A person whose values do not align your culture will not be happy on the job, and unhappy employees do not do their best work. This is true whether the employee is permanent or if they are a contractor or consultant. Working with a specialized technical recruitment firm can help you achieve total alignment. A good recruiter will learn about your organizational culture, your work environment, your team, your goals and more. They use this information to find aligned candidates who have the hard skills, soft skills, values, and personal success attributes to add value to your team.

Are You Ready For A Technical Recruiting Partnership?

If you regularly hire engineering and technical talent and you’re ready to partner with a top recruiting firm who can help you access top talent quickly, reach out to the expert engineering and tech recruiters at Selectek today.