How to Stay Positive During Your Job Hunt

Engineering job searches are stressful because you cannot control what hiring managers do. Once you send your resume and application into the ether or when you walk out of an interview, the process is completely out of your hands. While you can’t control a company’s hiring process you can control your actions and attitudes throughout your job search. Use these tips to stay positive and proactive in your search for a new engineering job.

Stay Organized 

Disorganization creates a sense of chaos and leads to overwhelm while searching for a new job. Make sure you have everything ready to go at your fingertips – an updated resume and LinkedIn profile, a list of confirmed references, an updated calendar, interview-ready outfits and a spreadsheet to record jobs you’ve applied to and where things stand in the process.

Set Weekly Goals

You can’t control how many employers call you for an interview, but every proactive step you take gets you one step closer to a new job. At the start of each week, set specific goals for what you want to achieve in terms of actions taken. Perhaps you want to apply to five jobs, make three new networking connections or draft two cover letters. Setting goals gives you a roadmap for your search and allows you to stay focused during the week and ensures you’re always moving forward.


Take at least one day off from your job search each week to focus on yourself. Job searches are stressful and if you never disconnect, you’ll become burned out. When you get burned out on your search, it will eventually stall. Stepping away now and then will allow you to jump back in with renewed focus.

Bounce Back Quickly

Rejection is hard, but don’t let it stall your job search. If a company decides to go with another candidate, remember that the job likely wasn’t the right fit. When you receive a rejection if a hiring manager ghosts you or when you experience some other type of setback, you can lick your wounds for a bit, but move on quickly. Jump back into your routine and focus on positive, proactive job search tasks. Remember, the right job is out there and the only way to find it is to press forward.

Work With A Recruiter 

A recruiter can help you stay positive in your search in many ways. First, they take much of the legwork off of your plate, allowing you more time to disconnect and focus on yourself. Second, they will work closely with you to help you perfect your resume and sharpen your interview skills. Finally, they will only recommend jobs for which you are truly aligned. When they call you with an opportunity, you know that it is likely a great match.

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