Have You Considered Being an Engineering Contractor?

Are you thinking about making a change in your engineering career? If you’re looking for something more, don’t box yourself into a traditional, full-time, permanent position. Think outside the box. Engineering contracting is a great way to grow your career and earn a great living while achieving more flexibility. Have you considered engineering contracting?

Gain Control Of Your Career As An Engineering Contractor

Some engineers like the stability of a full-time role, but they lack control over the projects they get to work on and the trajectory of their careers. Engineering contractors, however, are in the driver’s seat. They can choose which projects they want to work on, the employers they want to work for, and the environments they want to work in.

Contracting also affords more freedom in terms of scheduling. Contractors often work standard 40 hour weeks and they can take off for one day, one week, or one month in between assignments, facilitating stronger work-life balance.

Build New Skills As An Engineering Contractor

Keeping skills sharp is very important in the engineering field. Because contractors have control over the projects they choose to work on, they can also focus on building very specific skill sets or building new skills. With each project comes a chance to learn new skills and gain experience. Contractors typically increase their range and depth of skills at a much faster rate than traditional employees.

Engineering Contracting Builds Your Network

Contracting is a great way to build a network – especially for new engineers or engineers who have recently relocated and need to establish new connections. Every assignment is a chance to meet new people, build professional relationships and gain access to future opportunities. If you’re ever ready to go back to a full-time engineering role, the network you build while contracting can help open doors to new opportunities.

Engineering Contracting Is An Opportunity To Earn More

Engineering contractors often earn more than their full-time counterparts. Employers are often willing to pay a little more for true subject matter experts and when they hire contractors they are not responsible for additional taxes or benefits, which allows them to boost their pay rates.

Are You Considering Engineering Contracting?

If you are ready for the exciting world of engineering contracting, the recruiters at Selectek want to hear from you. Not only do we offer exciting projects across the Southeast, but we also offer benefits to eligible contractors. Browse our current engineering job openings or contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.