Why You Should Seek a Tech Mentor for Your Career

A mentor is an experienced colleague who can provide you with guidance as you navigate your tech career. A mentor is someone whose career you admire and who you would like to learn from, whether they work at your current company or somewhere else. Having a mentor provides you with an experienced advisor you can go to for help, information and advice. Here are some of the benefits of seeking out a tech mentor for your career.

A Career Advocate

If you choose a mentor within your organization, that person can act as your advocate with your boss and other leaders. It’s up to you to talk to your boss when you want to take on new responsibilities or if you are actively seeking to take a step forward, but your mentor can provide support and can even talk to your boss and reinforce your case by reminding her about your strengths, things you are working on and ways you’ve developed.

A Sounding Board

Everyone runs into challenges at work. Whether it’s a workplace bully, tasks that put you a bit out of your depth or a boss you can’t seem to please, a mentor can offer an ear to listen and advice on how to handle the situation. Whatever you’re facing, chances are your mentor has had similar experiences and can provide you with tips on how to overcome the challenge.

Honest Feedback

Mentors can be a great source of feedback throughout your career. They can help you see how your behaviors are perceived by others – both positively and negatively – and can offer advice on how to grow. They can let you know if you’re getting too hung up on issues that don’t matter in the long-term and can help you determine where and how to better spend your energy.

Career Decisions

If you’re mulling over making a change, a mentor can be a great resource. They have likely been through similar situations and can help you weigh the pros and cons of making a move at a specific time. They can also help connect you to job opportunities that align with your long-term career goals.

Are You Ready to Advance Your Career?

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