How to Prepare Your Workforce for New Engineers

It is always exciting when new engineers join your team. Those engineers can breathe life into a project, they may ignite a feeling of friendly competition among your existing team and they can help you move towards your goals. However, there can be some bumps in the road. There will always be some veteran staff members who are reluctant to embrace a new engineer, and there could be feelings of resentment brewing among the staff – especially if someone feels they were passed over for a promotion. However people react, a new engineer will always change group dynamics, so if you want to ensure success, it pays to prepare your team ahead of time for new engineers.

Commit to Open Communication

Lack of information is fodder for gossip. When people don’t have answers, they will simply draw their own conclusions and share them with others. When you know you are going to be hiring additional engineers, let the group know about your plans. Outline the reasons why new engineers are needed, so they understand the rationale.

It is also wise to let people know how their jobs will be positively impacted by the addition of a new person. Whether it’s reducing overtime, preventing burnout, removing cumbersome tasks from someone’s plate or something else, it is important to show people how their jobs will improve. Always allow time for questions and create a genuine two-way conversation, so people feel their concerns are being addressed and you can be certain they understand why you’re making a new hire.

Set Expectations

People can be standoffish to a new person, and some people can be downright hostile. Before the new engineer’s first day, make it clear you expect everyone to provide a welcoming and friendly environment. To facilitate that feeling, assign people specific onboarding tasks. Have someone give the new employee a tour. Assign a few people to take the new employee to lunch. Make someone responsible for helping the new engineer set up their voicemail, etc.

Involving everyone in day-one activities will require them to interact with the new person and put their best foot forward.

Use the Buddy System

Assign one or two reliable employees to be the new engineer’s internal mentors for the first few weeks on the job. Make sure the people you choose are not wrapped up in office politics or gossip and they will set a good example in terms of work ethic and sticking to processes.

The “buddy” system can help provide new engineers with good influences and proper behaviors to mirror. They will have someone to go to with questions, and it prevents negative employees from having much impact on the new person.

Are You Looking to Hire Engineers?

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