Engineering Job Options: Transportation Engineer

Transportation Engineers design new transportation infrastructure like highways, airports, railways and more. These critical professionals are responsible for analyzing data and solving problems related to traffic flow, costs, hazards, etc. They are often tasked with collaborating with government agencies, utility companies and other engineering firms.

These engineering professionals work both in an office setting and in the field throughout the lifecycle of a project. Fieldwork often requires travel, and their schedules may include overtime or even overnight work depending on the specifics of the project.

Required Education And Experience

At a minimum, transportation engineers are required to hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering from an accredited program, but most professionals hold master’s degrees. Advanced degrees are particularly important for professionals who wish to pursue leadership roles.

Job Outlook

Across the U.S., transportation engineers earn an average of $80,000 per year, and salaries range from around $50,000 to over $120,000. Pay ranges vary based on the engineer’s level of experience, the requirements of the job, the geographic location of the firm and other factors.

Job growth in transportation engineering is expected to keep pace with national job growth for all jobs through 2024. Transportation infrastructure across the country is aging, and the federal government has promised investment in improving roadways and airports, contributing to job creation.

Current Opportunity For Transportation Design Engineers

Selectek is currently recruiting transportation engineers for a client in Atlanta. The employer provides professional civil and structural engineering services along with construction management and inspection services.

The ideal candidate will have at least two years of experience with roadway design work, be well-versed with MicroStation and InRoads, and have experience working on GDOT projects. The job will require the engineer to create horizontal interstate alignments, as well as cross sections and profiles for roadway design projects.

You can learn more about this opportunity and apply online here.

If you are an experienced transportation engineer looking for exciting new opportunities in the Southeast region of the U.S., we invite you to contact the expert recruiters at Selectek. Contact us today to learn more about our process for helping you take the next step in your career.