Finding a Work-Life Balance in Your Engineering Career

Mobile technology has afforded modern professionals much more flexibility and connectivity when it comes to getting work done, but when you can carry your office around in your pocket and your boss and colleagues can reach you any time of day, work-life balance suffers. Use these tips to set boundaries and find better balance in your engineering career.

Set Work and Life Boundaries

Just because you can access your email, files and co-workers any time of day doesn’t mean you have to. And just because your family can reach you on your mobile device while at work, doesn’t mean they should. The fact is, if you feel like you can’t concentrate at work because your family hounds you all day or you can’t focus on your family at home because work won’t leave you alone, you’ve likely “trained” people to believe they can reach you at any time.

Work-life balance can be greatly improved by setting – and sticking to – clear boundaries. Don’t answer work calls or emails after 7 p.m. (or a time that works with your schedule). You can check your device, but don’t reply unless it’s an actual emergency. Set boundaries with your family, as well. Don’t answer calls or texts unless they call over your lunch break – although tell them to call your desk if it’s an actual emergency. If they do reach out during the day, wait until lunch or a break to reply. Over time, they will get the hint you are not readily accessible for minor issues.

Hire People to Take Over Time-Consuming Tasks

If you spend your weekends grocery shopping, cleaning, fixing things around the house, etc., you’ll never feel like you are fully unplugged. Mobile connectivity and the gig economy have made it simple to hire people to do these kinds of tasks for reasonable prices. Sites like TaskRabbit and Handy let you offload your least favorite chores, allowing you to relax on the weekends.

Use Your Paid Time Off

Some 658 million days of PTO go unused every year. If your company offers you vacation and leave, take it. Even if you don’t go on a trip, use the time to disconnect from work and relax, focusing on things you enjoy doing. Even a day or two away from the office can leave you feeling recharged and refreshed.

Make a Change

Some people try these strategies but just can’t seem to achieve better work-life balance. If you would like more balance but find it impossible at your current job, it’s time to think about making a switch. If you are an engineer seeking new opportunities to grow your career and you want to put an expert in your corner, contact the Atlanta engineering recruiters at Selectek today.