Should You Reject a Candidate for Lack of Enthusiasm?

An enthusiastic engineer

There is an old adage that reminds us enthusiasm is the mother of effort and without it, nothing great was ever achieved. This is an important thought to keep in mind when hiring for new engineers for your team. Hiring enthusiastic engineers can truly build up your team. Enthusiastic people fuel positive energy, they boost creativity, spark new ideas and help improve productivity.

Enthusiasm is contagious – but so is a lack of enthusiasm. Energetic people can boost the vibes in the room, and unenthusiastic people can suck the energy right back out of it, negatively impacting the attitudes and feelings of the entire time. It is important to focus on hiring people who will boost up the team, rather than bring it down.

Identifying Enthusiastic Candidates

Enthusiasm comes in many forms, so look for signs of genuine passion during an interview. You can uncover a candidate’s enthusiasm for what they do by asking questions like:

  • What made you decide to get into engineering?
  • Why do you want this job?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • How do you stay positive when a project hits serious roadblocks or setbacks?

These questions should be easy for a passionate engineer to answer. People who have to stop and think about their answers likely do not have the natural enthusiasm to help your team succeed.

How to Keep Enthusiasm Rolling

Hiring enthusiastic engineers can have a real impact on your team, but it also helps to fan the flames to help that energy spread. You can improve enthusiasm levels by:

  • Encouraging people to try new things. Don’t make people feel they have to follow the same rules, every time. While certain standards and best practices must be adhered to, encourage creative thinking when you have a little leeway.
  • Inviting people to speak up. Don’t turn meetings into lectures. Ask questions of your team and encourage everyone to speak up and contribute their input.
  • Asking for ideas. Employees probably have a lot of ideas about how you can make the work environment better, make processes more efficient or improve the culture. Solicit those ideas regularly, and when someone’s idea is implemented, recognize and reward them.
  • Having fun. Work should be taken seriously, but everyone needs to laugh and have fun from time to time. Create an environment where people focus on their work and achieve their goals, but where they also enjoy each other’s company and feel comfortable showing their natural personalities.

Are You Looking for Enthusiastic Engineers?

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