Highlight Your Ability to Embrace Change

If there is one thing you can count on in any engineering job, at any level, with any company, it’s change. You can expect changes in management, staff, technology, procedures, best practices, company culture, project scope and budgets, and more. However, most people naturally resist change, which can stymie productivity, progress and growth. As you look for new engineering career opportunities, you will serve yourself well by highlighting your ability to embrace change.

Show Flexibility

Any anecdote that highlights your ability to remain flexible will speak to your ability to navigate change. There are lots of scenarios that showcase flexibility. Think about a time when a change caused you to have to readjust your approach or plan for a project. Talk about the steps you took to respond quickly and change course, and discuss the eventual outcome.

Show Versatility

Though the Great Recession is long behind us, many companies are still operating in a way that demands their teams do more with fewer resources. Versatile employees are valuable employees.  Think about and discuss the ways you have been able to adapt, accomplish more with less and maintain a positive attitude in the face of an unexpected change.

Showcase a Change You Initiated

If you have ever implemented a new process or some other type of change, highlight that scenario in an interview. Discuss the reasons why you implemented the change, how you helped your team adopt the change, and the ways you overcame any challenges or resistance among your co-workers. This demonstrates not only do you embrace change, you also have the leadership ability to motivate others to adopt change, as well.

When businesses embrace change, they thrive. In interviews, if you can prove you are an individual that embraces change, you can show that you would be a valuable addition to the team.

Are You Looking for Engineering Career Opportunities?

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