What Are Employers Looking for in Top Talent?

Based on the requirements listed in a job description, you will always have a good idea of how well you align with an employer’s skill-based needs. However, today’s companies are looking for more than just technical skills when hiring engineers. They are also looking for a wide set of less-tangible traits that impact success, and these can be harder to identify as a candidate. Here are some of the most important traits employers are looking for in top talent.


Engineering is a high-stress career, and you have a lot riding on your shoulders. Everything from client relationships to worker safety depends on your ability to make sound decisions with confidence.  Throughout the hiring process, it will be critical to demonstrate you carry yourself confidently, you stand behind your abilities, and you have what it takes to inspire others to be confident in you.


Enthusiasm for the job is one of the most important traits employers look for when evaluating candidates. Passion is something that simply cannot be taught, and it is a trait that is contagious on the job.  If you can demonstrate enthusiasm for your field, for your projects and for the firm you are interviewing with, you’ll be remembered for the right reasons.


Companies are looking for engineers who are committed to growing their careers within their organization. Hiring engineers is an expensive endeavor, and turnover can cause continuity issues with projects. It will pay to prove to the hiring manager you will be committed to a long and successful tenure with their company.

Leadership Ability and Teamwork

As an engineer, you are responsible for leading teams. Not everyone is cut out for leadership, so employers will want to know you are the type of person who inspires engineering support staff and team members to follow your direction.

You will also be called upon to follow other engineers in your role. Employers don’t want to hire someone whose ego stands in the way of teamwork. Demonstrate you are willing and able to roll up your sleeves and pitch in, even when tasks fall outside of your job description.


As an engineer, you likely understand that even the most detailed and well-mapped plans change during a project. You want to showcase your ability to roll with the punches and change course quickly, whether you’re facing a minor “hiccup” or a major change. Be prepared to discuss your approach to change and challenges and lean on anecdotes that highlight your flexibility.

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