Are You Losing Great Candidates to Your Competitors?

Losing candidates to competitors is frustrating – and expensive. Investing time and resources in someone who accepts a job elsewhere can set back your search by weeks, or even months. If this has happened to your team on more than a few occasions, the problem likely rests with your hiring process. These are the most common reasons companies lose top candidates to competitors.

The Application Process is Too Complicated

Applicant tracking systems can save internal recruiting teams a lot of time; however, poorly implemented software can cost you candidates. According to a recent study, complicated ATS applications can drive up applicant drop-out rates by 48 percent. The reasons why applicants drop out of the process include:

  • Forms are too long
  • No option to save their application and return to it later
  • No indication that the application will be read

Forms should be simple and user-friendly, and if you have a long application, you should allow users to save their application and return to it at their convenience.

You Don’t Communicate

Candidates want to work for companies that value and respect them. The way an applicant is treated during the hiring process sets their expectations for how they will be treated once they are an employee.

First, set up an autoresponder for application submissions that tell applicants their documents have been received. Explain that qualified candidates will be contacted and ballpark realistic expectations for hearing back.

As you move through the process, make sure you are clear about how and when you will communicate, and follow through on those promises. If the process will be delayed, inform your top candidates of the situation immediately. If they don’t hear from you for, they will assume you are no longer interested.

Your Process Takes Too Long

There is an old business adage that time kills all deals, and this carries over to the hiring process. Every day that ticks by without you closing a deal with a top candidate is another opportunity for a competitor to snap them up. You can bet if you’ve identified a talented candidate, so have other companies.  Unplanned callbacks and dragging your feet when it’s time to make a decision will cost you top talent. Candidates will choose employers who move swiftly to the offer stage.

Are You Ready to Improve Your Hiring Process?

Remember while you are judging candidates, they are judging your company, as well. It is important to create an enjoyable experience to set the expectation your company is a great place to work. However, overhauling your process takes time and resources, and while you work, you’ll continue to lose your best candidates to competitors.

If you are ready to improve your hiring process today, the team at Selectek can help. Tapping into our proven recruiting processes will instantly shorten your time to hire and improve the quality of your hires. Don’t lose another candidate. Contact Selectek today to get started.