Helping Your Employees Through Challenging Times

Every company, no matter how successful, can fall on challenging times. One of these challenges is high turnover. Turnover can be caused by everything from budget constraints to poor management to a workforce’s inability to adjust to change. Whatever the cause, it is critical for leaders to help their existing staff stay motivated during challenging times of turnover so you can stop the bleeding and work on rebuilding your team.

Commit to Open Communication

During any time of crisis, communication is key in helping your team react and adjust. Some managers may instinctively try to ignore the situation, but addressing periods of turnover head-on is a much better policy. Going dark causes employees to question exactly what’s going on, and it can lead existing team members to start seeking out new jobs.

Acknowledge the situation and be honest about the challenges you face with turnover. More importantly, communicate your plan to deal with that turnover. Failing to address your strategies sends the message that leadership is not in control of the situation. Worse, if the team gets the idea that leadership could be panicking, they too, will begin to panic. If they trust you’re working to correct the situation, they will feel more confident and secure.

Help Employees Achieve Their Goals

Dealing with high turnover puts a lot of stress on management, but ignoring your existing team isn’t the answer. Managers and leaders must continue to prioritize the development and the nurturing of their employees.

Showing team members you value their work and you are willing to help them achieve their goals is crucial for building trust and maintaining loyalty. Don’t ignore the people who stuck with the firm and put forth their best effort during tough times; continue to invest in them so they will continue to invest in you.

Don’t Let Your Team Burn Out

When you’ve got open roles, you’ve got an overtaxed team. Someone has to pick up the slack as you work to transition people out of and into your organization. Too much stress and strain leads to burnout, which ultimately leads to more turnover.

You can solve this problem by augmenting your existing staff with highly skilled contractors who can pick up the slack while you work to correct the underlying problems causing the turnover. Contractors can step into open roles immediately, and the company can control costs by paying those professionals out of the project budget rather than the staffing budget. The right contractors won’t just “plug holes,” they will add value to the team and help the firm achieve its goals.

Are You Navigating a Period of High Turnover?

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