Questions You Should Ask During Every Interview

During every interview, you will be given the floor to ask your own questions of the hiring manager. The questions you choose can reinforce the idea you are the ideal candidate for the job – if you do it right. But your questions really serve two purposes. Yes, they should impress the hiring manager, but they should also help you uncover critical information that will help you determine whether a role is right for you. Here are questions you should ask during every interview.

Do You Have Any Questions or Concerns About My Qualifications?

This is a bold question, but it always leaves an impression. First, it forces the interviewer to address any hesitation they may have and provides you the opportunity to address those hesitations head-on. It also gives you an idea of how strong a candidate she thinks you truly are.

Why Did You Choose to Work Here?

Hopefully, you talked about company culture during the interview, but this question will give you a different perspective. The hiring manager may reveal additional benefits of working for the company you may not have discussed.

What Types of People Succeed Here?

This will give you an idea of the soft skills and personal attributes the hiring manager is truly looking for in a candidate. This will allow you take inventory of your own soft skills and attributes to determine if you would thrive in the workplace.

What Are Your Goals for the First 30, 60 and 90 Days?

This will give you an idea of the projects you’ll be assigned to right out of the gate and help you understand the employer’s expectations during your probationary period. Be wary if they cannot state specific goals, it might indicate a lack of planning.

How Will My Boss Measure My Success?

Knowing how your direct supervisor will determine whether you’re succeeding is important. This can give you an idea about the KPIs they emphasize among their engineering staff.

What Challenges Are Currently Facing the Team I’ll Be Working With

The hiring manager’s answer can give you some insight into how well your potential new team is functioning, and any possible constraints they face.

What Type of Management Style Does My Direct Boss Have?

This is an important question because a poor relationship with your boss can lead to serious job dissatisfaction. If the management style described does not align with the way you do your best work, the role might not be ideal for you.

Are You Looking for New Career Opportunities in Engineering?

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