Nervous? Try These Tips for Controlling Your Fear.

Getting a call for an interview is exhilarating and thrilling – until your nerves set in. Knowing your future success relies on one meeting is enough to strike fear into the hearts of the most confident people in the world. However, if you let your nerves get the best of you, it can spell disaster in your interview. Use these tips to control your fear and make a great impression.

Prepare and Practice

If you conduct thorough research about the company and practice interviewing with a friend or recruiter, it will go a long way. The more you practice, the more confident you’ll be once you are in the interview chair. It pays to have effective anecdotes ready to go so you can answer questions quickly and thoroughly and reduce your chances of getting “stuck” on an answer or stumbling over your words.

Visualize Success

If you let your imagination wander into worst-case scenario territory, your nerves will get the best of you. Instead of thinking about all the ways you could bomb the interview, visualize yourself walking into the room with confidence, nailing your questions, charming your interviewers and landing the job. This will put you in the right frame of mind.

Breathe Deeply

Hopefully, you allowed yourself enough time to sit in the waiting area and collect your thoughts. Take some deep breaths while you wait. Deep breathing will help slow your pulse and relax your muscles to relieve tension.

Smile (Even if You Have to Fake It)

Smiling helps you to feel happier, even if you have to force it. Before you get out of the car, stick a pen between your teeth to mimic a smile if you feel your face tightening up from nerves. Then walk through the door with an genuine smile on your face and do your best to keep that smile there when you greet the receptionist and your interviewer.  Faking a smile will lead to a real smile and real feelings of happiness.

Be Yourself

If you focus too much on trying to be perfect, your nerves will take a beating. Instead, focus on being yourself. Letting your own personality shine through can help you relax and stay focused on your answers rather than trying to be someone you’re not. If the interviewer doesn’t like you for who you are as a person and a professional, then the job isn’t a good match for you anyway.

Work With a Professional Engineering Recruiter

Niche engineering recruiters can match you with positions that truly align with your skills, goals and personality. Recruiters will also help you prepare for interviews so you can walk through the door with confidence and your nerves in check.

If you are an engineer seeking new opportunities to grow your career and you’re ready to work with a professional recruiter, contact the Atlanta recruiting experts at Selectek today.