Engineering Job Options: Electrical Design Engineer

Electrical engineers are involved in the creation, design, development and testing of electrical systems. They work in all types of industries from utilities to manufacturing to computing and everything in between. Electrical engineering is an extremely vast field, with lots of opportunity for specialization. Engineers can focus on a single industry, or a single process. Electrical design engineers, for example, spend their time on the design and development phase of a project.

Electrical design engineers must have strong problem-solving abilities. They must take specs from their employers or clients and develop a plan that will ultimately meet those specifications, often within the confines of tight budgets and tight timelines.

Required Education and Experience

Electrical engineers typically hold a master’s degree in engineering. Many also choose to focus on a specific discipline within electrical engineering like controls, computer, telecommunications, microelectronics, etc. To step into leadership roles or be considered for high-level projects, many electrical engineers pursue PhDs and/or supplementary degrees in business.

Most employers require their electrical engineers to be licensed by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying. Many university programs help graduates prepare for their exams. Once certified, engineers are required to continue their education to maintain licensure.

Job Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports the median annual national salary of electrical engineers was $96,270 in 2016, and they predict steady job growth for electrical engineers in the coming years. It is important to remember when examining salary, ranges can swing significantly based on the size of the company, its location and the experience of the hired engineer.

Current Opportunity for Electrical Design Engineers

Selectek is currently recruiting for an Electrical Design Engineer for a company in Kennesaw, Georgia.  The engineer will be responsible for developing and managing electronics design procedures, performing the layout, modeling, simulation, prototyping and analysis of components and systems. Candidates should have experience with ultrasonic, high-frequency power supplies; should hold a BSEE, MSEE and/or a PhD; be familiar with industrial or medical ultrasonics; have an understanding of high-power ultrasound; be able to develop circuit simulation using one or more of MATLAB, SPICE, ALD, NL5; and should possess mechanical energy conversion knowledge. Experience in a laboratory setting, clinical setting or life sciences setting is preferred. You can learn more about this opportunity and apply online here.

If you are an experienced electrical engineer looking for exciting new opportunities in the Southeast region of the U.S., we encourage you to reach out to the expert recruiters at Selectek. We are always seeking strong engineering talent for our clients. Contact us today to learn more about our process for helping you take the next step in your career.