What Is Keeping You From Getting Hired?

A job search can be a near-maddening experience. There is a lot of waiting and guessing that occurs, and if you have been on the hunt for a while with no success, your ego can feel a bit bruised. If your job search seems to have stalled, it’s a good idea to engage in some self-reflection. Job seekers can sabotage themselves without even knowing it. There are some of the common mistakes you could be making that are keeping you from getting hired.

You’re Not Tailoring Your Resume and Cover Letter

Hiring managers can tell if you took the time to read their job posting. Generic cover letters and resumes that don’t address their needs won’t get you an interview. Take the time to tailor your documents to the job you are applying to, addressing the specific skills and requirements the role requires.

You Didn’t Proofread

Typographical errors are a huge no-no when it comes to applying for a job. Proofread your resume and cover letter thoroughly, and have two or three trusted friends read over them, as well. And always, always, always make sure you have the company name and contact name correct. If you don’t care about the quality of your application, you won’t make the case you care about the quality of your work.

You’re Not Prepared for Interviews

Just because you’re a seasoned professional doesn’t mean you can wing it through an interview. Always take time to research the organization and the person or people interviewing you. Study the job posting again the night before and come armed with thoughtful questions. Above all else, practice interviewing with a recruiter or someone who is in the know about the hiring game and ask them for constructive feedback.

You Aren’t Being 100 Percent Honest

It’s OK if you lack a skill – hiring managers know skills can be learned. It’s also OK if you were fired from a job in the past. However, lying or misrepresenting yourself is never a good idea; honesty is always the best policy. Hiring managers will find out, and when they do, your chances of getting the job will be lost.

You’re Not Following up Like a Professional

If you’re getting lots of interviews, making it to the very end and then not getting the job, you might have an issue with your follow up. You don’t want to be too pushy, but you don’t want to go off the grid, either. A personalized thank-you note is still important to hiring managers, and if you don’t hear back by the date the interviewer said you’d receive a call, it’s alright to reach out. This shows your genuine interest in the position and a strong sense of follow-through.

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