Engineering Job Options: Network Engineer

Network Engineers, sometimes referred to as network architects, are responsible for planning, implementing and running an organization’s computer network. They may include local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), wireless local area networks (WLAN), global area networks (GAN),  intranets and extranets, VoIP networks and more.

The unique responsibilities of network engineers can vary greatly depending on the size of the organization they work for and the size of the technology staff. Sometimes, there is one network engineer on staff, other times there are multiple engineers working together as a team.

Network engineers must be up-to-date on network technology; they must be analytical, possess strong attention to detail, have solid organizational skills and be able to function well with both technical teams and non-technical teams.

Required Education and Experience

Network engineers must hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in the computer sciences. Many hold MBAs in information systems or MS in electronic engineering, computer science or a related field of study. Furthermore, some engineers choose to participate in certification programs like Cisco and CompTIA to help make themselves more marketable to employers.

Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the mean annual wage for network engineers and architects in 2015 was $77,810. The BLS expects the field to grow 8 percent through 2024 as demand for technology in all sectors continues to rise.

Indeed cites a slightly higher figure for Network Engineer positions in Georgia, reporting $84,848.  Engineers seeking new opportunities should remember that salaries vary from position to position and company to company. Work experience, skill set, geographic location and more can impact starting salary for any job.

Current Opening for Network Engineers

Selectek is actively recruiting Network Engineers for a client in the Duluth, Georgia area. The person in this role is responsible for configuring and troubleshooting the company network, diagnosing and resolving problems, and designing and implementing network architecture in a global network. The Network Engineer will act as a liaison between the development team and the support team and will be tasked with planning and executing periodic system-wide upgrades. Additionally, the Network Engineer will participate in the design and integration of a variety of communications products and network communication systems. Applicants should be familiar with  DHCP, DNS, AD, PKI, network protocols. You can learn more and apply for this position here.

If you are an experienced Network Engineer in the Southeast looking for exciting new opportunities, we encourage you to reach out to the expert recruiters at Selectek. We are always seeking strong engineering and tech talent to match with the best companies in the region. Contact us today to learn more ways we can help you take the next step in your career.