How to Prevent Culture Shock on Your Team

The hiring process is a long road full of obstacles. When you finally hire a great person, the last thing you want is a culture clash with the team. New employees always create a bit of a stir, but it is important for managers and leaders to help facilitate good working relationships from day one. Follow these steps to help smoothly integrate a new employee and prevent culture shock on your team.

Talk to Your Team About the New Employee

Employees are wary of new people because they know group dynamics will change, and change is always a bit scary. There may be a few members of the team who are wary of a new hire because they fear for their future job security. Explain the new hire’s qualifications and expertise, and outline the precise role they will be playing to assuage fears you’re really training the new person to take over someone else’s position.

Have a Plan for Day One

Every member of the team should be made aware of the new employee’s start date so no one can claim to be blindsided by the new arrival. Make sure the new team member’s day is scheduled from start to finish, so they are not forced to sit at their desk with nothing to do. Poorly planned first days can set a sour tone for the new person, and will give any gossip-prone employees ammunition to say the newbie isn’t pulling their weight.

Get Everyone Involved in Integrating the New Person

If everyone is invested in making the new employee’s first few days and weeks a success, it will facilitate group interaction. Give everyone on the team a “job” to do with the new person. One person may be responsible for ensuring the new employee learns a specific process, another may be responsible for answering questions about the company intranet, etc. This will force the team to interact with the new person and gives the rookie places to turn when they have questions.

Solicit Regular Feedback

Throughout the onboarding process check in with your existing team members to see how things are progressing. Ask them specifically what the new person is doing well and where they may need some additional training in order to get up to speed. They will feel valued when you seek them out for feedback. Similarly, when you meet with the new employee to monitor their progress through their first 30, 60 and 90 days, be sure to ask them how things are going with the group. If they need additional support, be willing and able to provide it.

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