Need to Know: Your Recruiter is on Your Side

There are a lot of misconceptions about working with a recruiter, and those misconceptions lead many professionals to avoid building relationships with people who could positively impact their careers. Here are some of the most common myths, and the facts that recruiters want you to know.

Myth: Recruiters Take Money From My Salary

Fact: Ethical recruiters do not charge job seekers for their services.

The companies that hire recruiting firms foot the bill for the services. As a job seeker, you should pay nothing to a recruiter.

Myth: Recruiters Only Care About Their Client Companies

Fact: Recruiters are only successful if they make both the employer and the candidate happy.

Yes, employers pay the bill for the recruiter’s services, but that does not mean that recruiters work only for their clients. Employers won’t work with the firm if the recruiter recommends poor quality candidates. They win when they make strong, long-term matches that satisfy both the client and the job seeker.

Myth: Recruiters Don’t Know My Industry

Fact: Niche recruiters focus all their time in specific industries, making them experts in that market.

There are recruiting “generalists” out there, but not all recruiters fall into that category. For the best results, choose a recruiter who focuses specifically on your niche and has a track record of success with professionals in your field.

Myth: I Don’t Need to Work With a Recruiter

Fact: A recruiter can make a world of difference in your search.

Recruiters have the inside scoop on positions that are not posted to the general public, and your ideal job may not be waiting for you on a job board. Recruiters also save you time by targeting your search, only recommending positions that align with your skills and your goals.

Myth: Social Media is Replacing the Need for Recruiters

Fact: Not every company uses social media to find candidates.

Many companies use social media to enhance their efforts to find talent, but many companies do not. Your target organization may not pay any attention to what’s happening on LinkedIn or Twitter. Some companies only use recruiters to fill their open positions and don’t even advertise openings on their own websites.

Myth: Recruiters Only Fill Low-Level Positions

Fact: Companies deploy recruiters to fill positions from top to bottom.

Recruiters help shorten the time it takes to find great candidates for jobs at every level of an organization. When companies need very specific skill sets for high-level and technical jobs, recruiters are often the key to accessing the talent they need.

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